Flapper's Dream Greyhounds



We here at Flapper's Dream Greyhounds are a small kennel compared to some.We have kennels for 10 dogs,but usually keep no more then 6 Greyhounds at one time.All the dogs in the kennels here race on the Independant circuit,known better as the Flapping circuit.The benefits of this side of racing is that we have hands on experience.We are involved in all aspects of looking after the dog.From the feeding of the dogs to the actual racing of the dogs.Contrary to the saying that Greyhounds needs lot of exercise,this is not true,in fact they are really couch potatoes,and are quite happy to go for small walks rather then one long walk.The greyhounds enjoy their daily walk as it is vital the greyhound does not get bored,sitting in their kennels all day.Providing your greyhound has good food and a warm bed,he will do his utmost to please you.The greyhound is a very lovable dog and they will give you endless pleasure.

All our dogs are walked on a daily basis,regardless of the weather.Once your greyhounds see you approaching with their leads,you will see their reactions to going out for their daily walks.The Greyhound is usually a quite dog,we usually only hear them at feeding times and exercise times.The Greyhound is a very clean dog and will not soil his bed.If your Greyhound gets into a routine that is acceptable to your selves and to your dogs,you will not go wrong.You will be rewarded by your greyhounds,many times over .

All our greyhounds recieve a breakfast every day,consisting of Cereal,Egg,Sliced Banana and Milk.The Greyhounds main feed,consists of either Beef,Chicken,Turkey or Fish,together with vegetables,with added nuts.Greyhounds will eat more or less anything that is offered to them.Fresh water is allways accessable.This is very important to the Greyhound,therefore ensuring that his kidneys are flushed on a regularly basis.

All Greyhounds do not require the same ammount of exercise,some dogs require little exercise,some Greyhounds require lots of exercise,this will depend on the distance that the greyhound is racing.On race days the dogs that are racing are not given as much exercise as they normally would recieve.My advice would be to anyone considering getting a greyhound,is go ahead,the pleasure you get from racing your greyhound and the friends you meet at the dog tracks is a experience not to be forgotten.As and when you get to take your greyhound to the track,place them in the traps,your adrenilin kicks in.You can shout to your hearts content for your greyhound,you won't be alone,as everybody shouts for the greyhound of their choice. We hope the above information tells you something about our work here.We keep our greyhounds purely as a hobby,some friends just keep one or two greyhounds.Greyhounds are addaptable to living in the kennels or in your home.The greyhounds are very good with children,and I would not hesitate in advising someone to have a greyhound,as they will get lots of pleasure from owning a greyhound. We hope you enjoy visiting our site,and please call in again,as we will be regularly updating and keeping you informed of what is happening with greyhounds on theindependant scene.Please keep looking in.